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Do you fully understand where your projects win & lose money ? LiveCosts integrates to your existing systems to give you full control over every cost in your business. See how we can increase your profits by exposing your costs in realtime.

Why should LiveCosts be your construction software of choice?


With customers in the UK, Ireland, US, Australia and New Zealand, LiveCosts has the ability to save construction companies time and money on their projects.


*LiveCosts provides key field personnel with an app that collects and feeds live data connecting office & field in real time.


*Have you every gone looking for a price on a previous invoice? LiveCosts collects all of this data as it arrives so it is easily accessible when you need it.


*Your supply chain is crucial to the success and profitability of your projects. The volume and speed in which you order materials needs automation, workflows and processes wherever possible. LiveCosts put’s a safety net under all material purchases.


*LiveCosts integrates directly with your accounting software.


Find out how exactly LiveCosts can benefit your construction business by booking a demo, stay ahead of the curve.

In today’s world there is no reason not to connect your office to field

Everyday around the world construction companies are losing money due to poor productivity which stems from poor monitoring. LiveCosts intelligently connects your office to field so you can monitor the key activity on your projects in real time.

  • Time Tracking

    Time is money. LiveCosts allows time to be collected from the field and automatically assigned to projects or phases within projects ensuring your labour is on budget.

  • Log Deliveries

    Missing or damaged products cost money. Allow key project personnel to provide live updates on deliveries. Build and report cases directly from the field.

  • Order Materials

    Set permissions to allow approved users to access your catalogue and order materials from the field. Monitor these purchases through your approvals system.

  • Assign Costs To Projects

    Save time and money by allowing costs to be allocated to projects as they happen in the field. Monitor and approve these costs to ensure project budgets are on course.

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