I'm a Quantity Surveyor

Are you a quantity surveyor frustrated by the lack of technology available to you during a project. Are you putting effort into creating your bill of quantities but not getting the buy in from the project managers or finance team? Tracking costs in real time has changed. Excel is not designed to track live costs and can lead to inaccurate data. If that sounds like you, LiveCosts can provide you with these benefits.

Why LiveCosts is for you

LiveCosts provides you with easy dashboards to track cost progress, access to live material catalogues as well as access to cost history to improve estimating.

  • BoQ to live project tracking

    Converting BoQ to real live project tracking

  • Track cost progress

    Easy dashboards to track cost progress

  • Live material catalogues

    Access to live material catalogues

  • Access to cost history

    Smart access to cost history to improve estimating

A Guide To Cost Management For Quantity Surveyors - eBook

Our eBook is designed to help quantity surveyors manage their costs more effectively.

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