The worlds best Xero construction add on

The best Xero advisors have a full understanding of the Xero marketplace. LiveCosts is the number one Xero add on for construction costs.

Why add LiveCosts to your Xero offering?


LiveCosts is a construction only project cost control system that seamlessly integrates with Xero.


*Be there for your clients by having direct access to smart Xero construction add ons


*Leverage your existing client base to earn addition revenue as a LiveCosts partner


*Become a LiveCosts implementation partner & add implementation to your services


*Partner with one of the worlds best construction technology companies and stay ahead of the curve

Livecosts & Xero Benefits

  • Invoices

    Extract the key information and all line items from your supplier documents. Add the costs to your projects & sync to Xero with no manual entry.

  • Purchase Orders

    Create your Purchase orders in Livecosts from our unique catalogue. Seamlessly sync all the attachments and information to Xero with the touch of a button.

  • Contacts

    Two way integration with your Supplier and Employee contacts. Import your Xero contacts and export your Livecosts contacts. Simple.

  • Tax Rates & Ledgers

    Import & Assign Xero Ledgers and Tax rates to your items in Livecosts. See them re-created with the correct tax rate and ledger each time you sync a document.

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