How Can We Improve Construction Productivity & Profit?

construction productivity

With the ‘new normal’ introducing more restrictions to our labour force, we need to be aware of a potential decline in our productivity. Saving costs by increasing productivity is not an overnight fix. It requires an investment of time and resources to achieve improvements in each area to gain a result. There are many methods […]

Best Practices for Invoice Processing

Worker doing invoice processing

Invoice Processing has commonly been known as the paperwork involved for Accounts Payable purposes. It is related to a business’s purchase of goods and services which are received before they are paid for. It is the process that a business’s Accounts Payable will use for all supplier invoices. Paper invoices, Electronic or PDF can be […]

6 Methods Of Managing Material Orders On Site

Materials management is both planning and controlling to make sure that materials that appear on site are of the correct quality and quantity. It is also ensuring that materials were delivered on site at the correct time and at the lowest cost possible. The materials management process begins in the early stages of a project […]

How Exactly Is A Purchase Order Different To A Purchase Requisition?

A purchase requisition is a document used when an employee needs to make a purchase on behalf of the business. It is a request to purchase, which is sent to the purchasing department of that business. At this point, the purchasing department will choose to either approve, alter or reject the request to purchase but must […]