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The unpredictability of the past couple of years has created new challenges for CFOs and finance teams in the construction industry.

These include the urgency to increase the frequency of reporting, to manage the future of the business through financial planning and analysis, and to maintain the financial health of the organisation through cash flow management.

LiveCosts construction cost tracking software gives you an overview in real time of projects and overall construction finances. Providing your business with simple dashboards of key cost data so you understand how your project is performing against its budget in real time.

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Accurate Financial Performance

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Construction Project Dashboards

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Automatically Map Transaction Data

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Connect Stakeholders In One System

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Popular Features

Feature 1 | Project Dashboards for Construction

See key cost data about your projects, automatically, in live reports on a custom dashboard. Learn more about LiveCosts construction project dashboard.

Feature 2 | Construction Budgeting Software

Automate your purchase order accounting process. LiveCosts creates a simple construction purchase order system that is tailored to the unique requirements of a construction company or contractor. Learn more about LiveCosts construction budgeting software.

Feature 3 | Procurement Software for Construction

Work smarter, not harder, with the LiveCosts Request for Quotation feature. Issue requests for quotes to multiple suppliers and once, compare prices line by line all with fewer clicks and manual data entry. Learn more about LiveCosts procurement software for construction.

Feature 4 | Construction Time Tracking Software

Time is money. LiveCosts records time from the jobsite and assigns it directly to a project budget ensuring you have full sight of a project’s true costs in real time and how it is performing against its original budget. Learn more about LiveCosts construction time tracking software.

Feature 5 | Construction Material Tracking Software

LiveCosts delivery feature captures the delivery receipt from the field and applies it to the correct Purchase Order in a simple workflow. Learn more about LiveCosts construction material tracking software.

Feature 6 | Construction Invoice Software

LiveCosts electronic construction invoice software will allow you to become paperless overnight.

Feature 7 | Construction Price Catalogue Software

LiveCosts provides a digital construction price catalogue that stores your most frequently ordered materials and their various prices over time. Learn more about LiveCosts construction price catalogue software.

Feature 8 | Accounting Software Integrations

LiveCosts seamlessly connects your project data to accounts in real time. Learn more about LiveCosts construction accounting software integrations.

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LiveCosts Software FAQs

How Does Construction Cost Tracking Software Help Heads of Finance?

LiveCosts offers real-time insights into financial performance, allowing Heads of Finance to easily see and understand construction project and overall construction finances.

So you can see how projects are performing against budget as they progress.


What Key Problems Can LiveCosts Solve for Heads of Finance?

LiveCosts provides Heads of Finance with a single, easy-to-use platform for connecting stakeholders and receiving accurate financial updates across all construction projects.

Our construction cost-tracking software can solve common issues such as inefficient cost-tracking systems or processes, risk of errors in financial reports, the time spent manually mapping transaction data and performing data entry. 

Can a Construction Cost Tracking Software Help in Financial Planning and Analysis for Construction Projects?

LiveCosts provides Heads of Finance with key construction cost data so they see which projects are performing. 

With its comprehensive dashboards and real-time data, LiveCosts helps to accurately forecast profit from construction projects, keep budgets on track, and manage cash flow more effectively.

What Benefits Does the Automated 3-Way Match Feature Offer to Heads of Finance Using LiveCosts?

LiveCosts 3-Way Match Feature automates the reconciliation of invoices, purchase orders, and delivery dockets.

This replaces the need for these tasks to be performed manually preventing human error, avoiding repetitive time-consuming tasks and removing inconsistencies in budgets and data.