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Cascade Group Used LiveCosts to:

  • Automatically manage thousands of invoices a month
  • Accurately track inventory and deliveries
  • Track their employees' hours
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How Cascade Group used LiveCosts to manage their construction costs:

We approached LiveCosts due to the frustration that we had with over a thousand invoices coming into the office per month – there was no way to keep track of that.

Before LiveCosts we used to have to do this process manually, which was time-consuming, very confusing, and there was no way to track everything precisely.

As a business owner it was very difficult to track everything that goes through the business on a monthly basis. LiveCosts cancels out all that, and gives you a very precise and detailed report at the end of every month, or every day, and we can then make any informed and precise decisions that need to be made based on the information that we have to hand.

This is useful because it allows us to stay on top of our supplier’s prices.

On top of this, I can now track employee’s hours through the phone.

This is great for us because a) it allows us to track that the order has gone to the right site; B) that everything has arrived as per the order; and C) it ensures that we paid the right price on the materials.

I’ve researched for a while now to find software that allows me to track the project costing. Now that I’ve found LiveCosts, I’ve found out it’s improved my business tremendously.