Kelbuild used LiveCosts to:

About Kelbuild

Kelbuild Ltd are building contractors who carry out various works across Dublin and the Midlands.

They specialise in restoration and conservation works while also working on various healthcare/medical sector projects, new builds and heritage projects.



What problem were you trying to solve?
We had an excessive amount of paperwork of purchase orders and delivery dockets from the number of different foremen on an array of sites.

It was hard to get paperwork back to the head office in a timely manner.

Plus, we were having large volumes of invoices coming through head office each month for processing, it was an enormous task for the accounts department.

How was the problem affecting your business?
It was absorbing a massive amount of administrative time to manually match PO’s and delivery dockets to invoices before processing.

What other possible solutions did you consider?
We had minimised the ordering of material to one person – primarily the foreman on each site.

“It was hard to get paperwork back to the head office in a timely manner.”


What are some of the main benefits of using LiveCosts?

  • It has allowed Kelbuild to manage and report costings to ensure projects are kept within budget. 
  • We saved so much time on the administrative / accounts side of the business. 
  • The app is simple, to the point and easy to use for all members who need it. 
  • The ability for our QS Department to see the actual live costs of the projects as they are in progress. 
  • The accessibility for various members of staff, the use of the various permissions and the ability to generate data reports as required. 
  • The scanning of invoices makes the processing of invoices seamless and quick. 
  • The ability of the app to be able to automatically reconcile an invoice with a PO


Which LiveCosts feature do you find most beneficial to your business?
For us, the ability to strike an accurate cost allocated to ongoing projects is a key element, it allows the QS team to keep control of project costs and budgets.

How much time does using LiveCosts save your business?
LiveCosts has freed up the accounts department data entry time by over 60% allowing them to focus on other tasks. It also has saved the Foremen on site time as they can generate PO’s from their phone instead of hand writing out Purchase Orders on paper.

What measurable benefits have you seen?
We have seen huge benefits in the reduction of paper in the office and the efficiency of the generation of PO’s and marking deliveries.

“LiveCosts has freed up the accounts department data entry time by over 60% allowing them to focus on other tasks.”


What would you say to other people considering LiveCosts?
We would definitely recommend LiveCosts to anyone wishing to cut down on the paper trail between sites and head office.

PO’s can be accessed immediately from head office and saves so much administrative time. It also allows you to see the true reflection of costs on each project and/or phase of a project especially in the current market.

Do you have anything that you would like to add?
Just to simply say LiveCosts has changed how we manage our costs and it has helped us be more efficient in each department – be it the QS team, the Accounts team or even down to the foremen on site.