Construction Project Dashboards

Get an accurate live report of all your construction projects and their costs, right down to the project phase.
visual depiction of a feature of construction project dashboard software that breaks construction projects down into multiple phases and shows those phases in a dashboard

LiveCosts Construction Project Dashboards are used in 5,000+ construction projects worldwide.

See why thousands of construction projects around the world choose LiveCosts dashboards to track their construction projects.


What is Construction Project Dashboard Software?

Understanding if your projects are profitable is key to driving your business to great outcomes, but understanding and tracking costs is messy and inaccurate – until now.

LiveCosts is a proven construction project dashboard software solution for boosting profitability. We provide your business with simple dashboards of key cost data so you understand how your project is performing against its budget in real time.


Break Projects Down Into Multiple Budgets

Do you need to report on how the “Substructure’”, or “1st Fix”, or any other element of your project has performed?

LiveCosts can create multiple smaller budgets within each of your projects to drill deeper into how each element of your project is performing.

LiveCosts can analyse project cost performance at any level of detail across your projects and provide dashboards at the element level too.

What are the benefits?
this image displays a construction budge report on a construction project dashboard, including project revenue vs outgoings

Construction Budget Alerts

Not everything goes to plan. Understanding cost issues early is key to preventing further problems.

LiveCosts provides cost progress information in real time on each budget no matter how small. LiveCosts will alert you when a budget overruns.

What are the Benefits?

Construction Project Reports

Spend more time managing projects and less time gathering cost data. No more need to call accounting to ask for a detailed report or to inquire whether a particular invoice is hitting the budget.

Costs provides detailed cost reports in real time on your project dashboard.

What are the Benefits?
visual depiction of a speedometer inside a construction project dashboard that reports on the running costs of a user's construction project
displays an example of a construction project on a dashboard showing committed construction costs

Manage Committed Construction Costs

In any project, you will make financial commitments to your suppliers or subcontractors. In many situations it can take some time from when a commitment is made until the invoice is received which creates a lag in cost information – this is often managed by spreadsheets.

LiveCosts provides a construction-based purchasing system that tracks the cost from its commitment through to its final invoice so you easily understand your position at all times.

Benefits of Managing Construction Costs

LiveCosts integrates perfectly with your existing accounting software

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Popular Features

Feature 1 | Project Dashboards for Construction

See key cost data about your projects, automatically, in live reports on a custom dashboard. Learn more about LiveCosts construction project dashboard.

Feature 2 | Construction Budgeting Software

Automate your purchase order accounting process. LiveCosts creates a simple construction purchase order system that is tailored to the unique requirements of a construction company or contractor. Learn more about LiveCosts construction budgeting software.

Feature 3 | Procurement Software for Construction

Work smarter, not harder, with the LiveCosts Request for Quotation feature. Issue requests for quotes to multiple suppliers and once, compare prices line by line all with fewer clicks and manual data entry. Learn more about LiveCosts procurement software for construction.

Feature 4 | Construction Time Tracking Software

Time is money. LiveCosts records time from the jobsite and assigns it directly to a project budget ensuring you have full sight of a project’s true costs in real time and how it is performing against its original budget. Learn more about LiveCosts construction time tracking software.

Feature 5 | Construction Material Tracking Software

LiveCosts delivery feature captures the delivery receipt from the field and applies it to the correct Purchase Order in a simple workflow. Learn more about LiveCosts construction material tracking software.

Feature 6 | Construction Invoice Software

LiveCosts electronic construction invoice software will allow you to become paperless overnight.

Feature 7 | Construction Price Catalogue Software

LiveCosts provides a digital construction price catalogue that stores your most frequently ordered materials and their various prices over time. Learn more about LiveCosts construction price catalogue software.

Feature 8 | Accounting Software Integrations

LiveCosts seamlessly connects your project data to accounts in real time. Learn more about LiveCosts construction accounting software integrations.

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LiveCosts Software FAQs

What Are The Benefits of Construction Project Dashboard Software?

Construction Project Dashboards can provide you with an accurate report of all your construction projects and their costs (right down to the project phase) in real-time.

LiveCosts provides a simple, proven construction project dashboard that helps boost profitability, by displaying your key cost data on an easy-to-read dashboard. 

Our construction project dashboards allow you to monitor a project's cost against budget in real-time - so you can understand and track the data that drives your business. 

What If I Need to Break Projects Down Into Smaller Budgets?

With LiveCosts, you can track any element of a construction project to see how it's performing. Our construction project dashboard software lets you create smaller budgets within a project so you can drill down deeper into each element. 

With LiveCosts, you can track running costs against the overall budget in your construction project dashboard, set budgets for each phase for deeper tracking, and visualise costs as a project progresses. 

How Does LiveCosts Manage Committed Construction Costs?

From your construction project dashboard, LiveCosts provides a construction-based purchasing system that effectively tracks financial commitments from the moment they are made up until the final invoice is received.

This helps to bridge the gap that often exists due to delays in receiving invoices, which are often tracked in spreadsheets.

Our construction project dashboard software allows you to see upcoming costs, quickly access commitment reporting that saves you time, and see financial records on individual jobs - across all of your construction projects.

Will My Construction Project Dashboard Tell Me If A Project Goes Over Budget?

Construction projects aren't always straightforward and catching costs early is often crucial to prevent further problems. 

LiveCosts provides real-time cost progress for each budget, no matter the size of your construction project. 

If a budget does run over, LiveCosts will alert you to the overrun in your construction project dashboard so you can act quickly.