The Ultimate Guide To Cost-Tracking for Construction SMBs

Are you a builder, developer or subcontractor who has concerns over keeping track of your construction project costs?

LiveCosts have released our Ultimate Guide to Cost Tracking for Modern Construction SMBs for 2023.

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This free eBook contains 34 practical tips across 6 full chapters of practical wisdom that your business can action immediately, from experts with dozens of years of combined experience. Including:

Chapter 1 | Successful Construction Project Budgets

From how to create a realistic budget at the outset, to tracking overheads, and keeping scope creep to a minimum, this chapter works as a useful handbook to any construction company working to keep their project budget on track.

Chapter 2 | How To Allocate Construction Overheads

Poorly tracked indirect / overhead costs can give you a false sense of job performance, so how can we calculate and distribute them? This chapter explains how to accurately allocate construction project overheads.

Chapter 3 | How To Keep Your Construction Budget On Track

Few construction project budgets survive the initial plan. From accounting practices to new technology, this chapter explains the most effective methods of keeping construction budgets on track.

Chapter 4 | How To Track Construction Project Costs

This chapter gives you the wisdom and tools to tackle one of the biggest challenges to any construction company: how to track construction costs live, so your project stays profitable.

Chapter 5 | Accounts Payable Role In Cost Tracking

Key to keeping any construction project under budget is the role of Accounts Payable. In this chapter we discuss 6 methods the role of Accounts Payable can contribute to cost tracking on a construction project.

Chapter 6 | Why You Need More Than Accounting Software

While traditional accounting softwares are excellent, they were never designed for the unique budget structures and complex requirements of a construction company. This chapter outlines the functionalities you're missing out on by using only traditional accounting software.

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