How to start a Tech Business in Construction

Season 2, EP 9: Sarah Crawley & John Ryan Of SymTerra

Show Notes

On our first away day, the Time & Materials Podcast is joined by Sarah Crawley and John Ryan of SymTerra, an integrated communication app built for site teams.

Construction has been slow to adopt technology when compared to other industries. But those who have been on site will always remember someone saying “there must be an easier way to do that.”

But where would you start if you did have an idea to improve construction?

  • How does someone who only knows #construction build #technology ?
  • What money, time is involved?
  • Is it worth the risk ?

To answer this and more, the Time & Materials Podcast recently took to London to sit down with the great Sarah Crawley and John Ryan to discuss this and more.

Learn more about Symterra here:

Connect with Sarah Crawley

Connect with John Ryan

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