A Quantity Surveyor’s Perspective On COVID-19

A Quantity Surveyor's perspective On COVID-19

Episode 9 – Eoin Darby


A Quantity Surveyor’s Perspective On COVID-19



What impact does a quantity surveyor think COVID-19 is having on construction?

In this weeks episode of the LiveCosts Construction Experience, we have Eoin Darby in studio. Eoin Darby is a quantity surveyor at Darby & Associates. Eoin gives us his perspective on COVID-19 and outlines the measures he has put in place during this pandemic. He also explains how he is still able to work closely with his clients without having to be on site.

This episode covers such topics as;

1) What are the potential price implications of COVID-19?

2) What technology can we use while dealing with COVID-19?


Read the CIF’s statement on COVID-19 here

For more information on how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 click here


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