Running a Trade Business From 7,000km Away

Episode 62 – Mark Conacher


Running a Trade Business From 7,000km Away



With thirty plus years in the KBB industry, including physically installing kitchens and bathrooms for over twenty of them, Mark has the skill set and the expansive knowledge to offer in-depth points of view and conclusion surrounding everything connected to kitchens and bathrooms.

Never to be held back by something as simple as distance, his fearless attitude and determination has allowed Mark to continue to successfully manage his own KBB business in Dundee, Scotland from a mere 7,000km away in Vancouver, Canada, since 2010.

During this time he has taken this little Scottish company from a simple ‘one man band’ operation to a multi-award winning company with Best Installation Company and Scotland’s Best All Trade Company being a prestigious part of the company’s highlights.


Podcast Highlights


What sets the best trade business apart from the ordinary?

Mark Conacher:

There’s great joiners out there. There’s thousands of great kitchen fitters. So what makes someone successful and someone not so successful? It probably isn’t to do with installation or joinery. It’s probably nothing to do with that. It’s everything else. And here we were in a situation where, well, I was off the tools and I’m sitting in front of a computer and I’ve got this guy telling me all the things about marketing and about Facebook campaigns and about standing out. Standing out was the one that just really struck home for me and trying to be different to everybody else, trying to be that 20%, not the 80. Everybody’s all doing the same things and shouting the same message. I just decided, well, okay, let’s try something different.



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