5 Construction Trends To Look Out For In 2022

construction trends 2022

2021 brought a number of challenges to the construction sector. Contractors experienced material shortages and price increases due to COVID-19. Looking forward, here are the key construction industry trends 2022 will bring. Let’s take a look at the top construction trends to look out for in 2022. Pressure on the bottom line Smart cities New […]

5 Benefits of Digital Time Tracking In Construction

Digital time tracking

Traditionally, the tracking of employee hours would have been done on a piece of paper, but times have changed and companies are evolving to use smarter more efficient ways to track employee hours. Seeing a full breakdown of your employee’s hours which is project specific can be incredibly beneficial for a construction company. Let’s take a […]

Cloud or Desktop Software For Construction?

cloud or desktop software on site

Cloud software is relatively new way of running a business digitally and enables construction companies to perform all of their operations on a bigger scale. Desktop software is being phased out due to its limitations and high cost. Desktop software has been around a long time in business, so people are well aware of it, […]

Automating Invoice Processing In Construction

automating invoice processing

Invoice Processing is a workflow that has been established by a company to receive and pay incoming bills / invoices. In construction, due to its nature of supplying materials, the volume of monthly invoices to be processed can be extremely high and in turn difficult to manage. Manually keying in invoice data is a time […]

How To Choose The Right Construction Accounting Software For Your Company

construction accounting software integrations

In our accounting series of podcasts ‘What is the best accounting software for your construction company’, we discussed Xero, Sage and Quickbooks in detail, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages. Now, we take a look at how you can choose which construction accounting software is best suited to your individual business. Considerations to make before choosing your […]

How Can We Improve Construction Productivity & Profit?

construction productivity

With the ‘new normal’ introducing more restrictions to our labour force, we need to be aware of a potential decline in our productivity. Saving costs by increasing productivity is not an overnight fix. It requires an investment of time and resources to achieve improvements in each area to gain a result. There are many methods […]