How Can We Improve Construction Productivity & Profit?

construction productivity

With the ‘new normal’ introducing more restrictions to our labour force, we need to be aware of a potential decline in our productivity. Saving costs by increasing productivity is not an overnight fix. It requires an investment of time and resources to achieve improvements in each area to gain a result. There are many methods […]

What is Livecosts?


We have written blogs on many construction related topics in this series. We thought it would be good to answer a question we get asked the most. Niall Brennan from LiveCosts shares his view on what LiveCosts does and who it was built for.   The Idea The Design What does it do? How does it […]

Choosing The Right Construction Accounting Software

Construction Accounting Software

After our recent podcast with Stephen Kinch (Kalc Accounting), we at Livecosts thought that it was worth digging a little deeper into this topic. Stephen has been very kind to spend time putting together this detailed blog for our readers. He discusses choosing the right construction accounting software for your business, as well as what […]

Excel For Construction, Is It The Most Powerful Software We Can Use?

Excel is arguably the most powerful product in the Microsoft Office suite, and it’s not hard to see why. With over 1 billion users, it’s one of the most common softwares in the world, and from what we see here at LiveCosts, it’s the most used free construction accounting software….if that’s what you’d like to […]

4 Reasons Construction Software Is A Saving, Not A Cost

Work practices within the construction industry have been static for many years. Did you know that construction is the second least digitised industry only just above agriculture! In recent years, technology has begun to replace outdated systems in many industries other than ours. Why have we been slower to uptake this revolution, do we believe […]

AI In Construction – 7 Incredible Ways It’s Changing The Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an ability for machines to mimic human cognitive functions, like problem-solving, pattern recognition, and learning. The construction industry is one of the least digitized in the world. Companies have long failed to realise the potential that AI could bring to their business. With more than 7% of the world’s labour force employed […]

How To Overcome Construction Time Tracking Problems

How businesses track employee hours can range from a scribble on a piece of paper, to a detailed report tracking hours worked down to the minute. Being able to see a full breakdown of your employee’s hours can pose a lot of benefits for a construction business.    What is Construction Time Tracking Software? Construction […]

Latest Construction Technology Trends (2020)

construction technology trends

The construction sector continues to experience remarkable technology advancements. Some of the latest developments would’ve seemed like science fiction in the not-so-distant past. Today’s innovations help builders avoid accidents, complete projects sooner and run their businesses more cost-effectively. Let’s look at how construction technology is reshaping an industry The construction industry is changing so quickly […]