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About IFES Electrical Services

Based just outside Cork City, Ireland, IFES Electrical Services are a best-in-class electrical company.

Servicing industrial and commercial projects throughout Ireland, IFES Electrical Services are a highly professional, tech-forward company.



What problem were you trying to solve?

Before we had LiveCosts, our biggest problem was the accuracy on the margins of jobs.

Had all the orders gone through? Had we ordered everything on time? Which orders had gone to which suppliers?

It was hard to determine. And the time constraints were quite big.

Consistently trying to track and trace with the lads on site. Did the product get delivered to the site? Did all of it arrive, or did only some of it?

It was very hard to determine that. And it was time consuming, between phone calls and paperwork, to manage all of that.

What other solutions did you consider?

We did have a call with another company with another software package, but it wasn’t explained very well to us. In the end, it didn’t like a good fit or a practical choice, so it didn’t go.

What risks did you consider before choosing LiveCosts?

Any time you look to a new product, you look to the time restraints regarding the training on it. 

How much input will it have into your current working life? 

Will it make it better, or will it add more problems?

“Before we had LiveCosts, our biggest problem was the accuracy on the margins of jobs.”


What are some of the main benefits of using LiveCosts?

  • It’s fantastic – when we come in in the mornings, LiveCosts is opened in equivalent to our primary accounting software.
  • LiveCosts works hand in hand with our existing accounting package.
  • We can see on a monthly basis what POs we have ordered, what goods have come in against the PO, and we can put our budget from our claims every month against it – so we can see every month, instantly, what the live margins are on any job.
  • We can see what on-site deliveries have been accepted by our foremen, and when.

How much time has LiveCosts saved your business?

At least 6 days a month, and probably more.

In our previous system, which was paper-based, we would never have been able to grow to the size we are now, or be as capable as we are now.

It improves the speed of approving invoices, and closing off phases and months.

It’s just so quick and accurate.

“LiveCosts has saved us at least 6 days a month, and probably more.”


What would you say to other people considering LiveCosts?

That it’s industry-based. LiveCosts came from within the industry and the software is completely adapted to your needs.

We found the Support system that LiveCosts provides is excellent. The live-chat is answered within 3 minutes. It’s phemononal.

We’ve also offered a few recommendations, and they have been adapted by Live Cost to suit our needs.

So if you have a support system that is going to implement and amend their product to suit your needs and your company, it can only be a plus.