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The Ultimate Guide To Cost-Tracking for Construction SMBs

Learn how your construction SMB can use modern methods of cost-tracking to save money on every construction project

The Ultimate Guide To Managing Construction Material Costs (2023)

We’ve collected and compiled the best practical wisdom from materials costs experts with years of combined experience – so you can start saving on your projects immediately.

A Guide To Cost Management In Construction

We work with a lot of construction companies. With this, comes great insights into managing construction costs.

This eBook has been written from our experience of working closely with leading construction companies.

How To Choose The Best Accounting Software For Construction Companies

LiveCosts co-founder and podcast host Ciaran Brennan sat down with specialists in Xero, Sage and Quickbooks to discover not which software is best, but which option is best for your construction company.

How To Successfully Implement New Technology Into Your Construction Company

Construction business owners need to have complete sight over their project costs.

Learn how you can successfully implement new technology which would allow you to have complete visibility of your project costs, with our free eBook.

Construction Experts Explain How Irish Companies Can Best Prepare For The Year Ahead

What was the impact of COVID on construction? How can construction best prepare for the future?

Find out what construction experts think in our free eBook.

An Electrician’s Guide To Project Management in Construction

This comprehensive guide dives into the most common ways electrical contractors lose money, and how to solve them.

Understanding Material Price Increases Post Brexit

Do you have concerns over material shortages or price increases?

Our eBook answers questions you might have on how Brexit is impacting construction projects in Ireland.