Projects Dashboard

Could you drive your vehicle without your dashboard ? Not possible, yet business owners and project managers are willing to take unnecessary risks on their jobs.

Why you should have a projects dashboard?

Everyday in your business you collect critical data. Suppliers, labour, machinery costs etc. At some point you will look to analyse this data to view important information such as, am I making money or are we on course to make money. We collect and display this for you so you can continue to do what you do best.

  • Project Financial Control

    View all actions on your projects live from anywhere, anytime. Set permissions and notifications to ensure your projects remain on time and on budget.

  • Budget Notifications

    Never go over budget again. Notify key personnel on the project of any potential over spends before they happen.

  • Live Phase Reports

    Break your project into as many phases as you wish to find and analyze the financial weak spots. View these reports as they happen.

  • Connect Office & Field

    No more time lost gathering key site information. Site data is intelligently collected and sent directly to your dashboard for approval.

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With over 2000 invoices a month its near impossible to manage every cost. has automated this entire process and given us control over our projects.

Aidan O’Connor - Business Owner
Cascade Construction

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