Sage for Construction

Sage for Construction

Add LiveCosts to Sage, and supercharge your construction accounting software.

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What is Sage? 

Sage Accounting is a comprehensive, market-leading cloud-based accounting solution tailored for small to medium-sized enterprises. It offers a wide range of financial management tools, allowing businesses to handle invoicing, payroll, bank reconciliation, and financial reporting efficiently through an intuitive interface. Sage Accounting supports real-time data access, enhancing decision-making capabilities.

Sage offers solutions for managing accounting, HR, payroll, payments, assets, construction, real estate, and enterprise systems.

Integrating LiveCosts with Sage Accounting provides end-to-end reporting on procurement, purchase orders, deliveries, and invoices at the construction project level, creating a highly efficient construction cost management software system.

We are a Sage Accounting Partner

See why thousands of construction contractors around the world choose LiveCosts to track their project costs with Sage Accounting.

Sage Accounting for Construction

What is a construction accounting software?

LiveCosts is a simple construction cost tracking system that is tailored to the unique requirements of a construction company or contractor.

From the office to the job site, LiveCosts provides simple workflows that tracks commitments / costs in real time against your construction project budget. When combined with Sage thats a powerful construction accounting software solution.

Track Construction Budgets

Budget Tracking

Sage Accounting is an amazing accounting software but was not designed for construction. LiveCosts was designed and built by people from the construction industry to solve the industries unique project accounting problems.

From construction purchase orders, to requests for quotations, and site deliveries to name a few, LiveCosts adds the construction context to Sage Accounting. And with dedicated permission sets the whole team can be contribute.

Benefits of budget tracking in LiveCosts

Mobile Cost Tracking

On the Go

Tracking project costs is a team game. Use the LiveCosts iOS/Android App to give your team the permissions to create purchase orders from the site, track labour costs and receive delivery updates which your office team can see (and approve) in real time.


Benefits of Mobile Cost Tracking


Invoice extraction

LiveCosts is the only construction budget management software with a user-friendly invoice extraction tool.

Streamline your invoice processing and allocation with our simple workflow and a single-click will send to Sage Accounting.

Benefits of Invoice Extration

Project Reports

Instant Reports

LiveCosts’ construction project tracking software lets you see in real time what is currently committed, what is outstanding, and what is billed.

You can access data for profit margins and costs to complete and also get an at-a-glance view of over billings and under billings for your clients.

Benefits of Project Reports

How LiveCosts Helps Construction Businesses

There’s a tangible benefit – it’s helped save us accountancy costs, which is really good. I haven’t got to wait for an accountant to tell me how my business is doing.

Nat Macauley​

Managing Director, JCM Fine Joinery

LiveCosts runs throughout our whole company now, right from site staff recording deliveries, and site admin staff being able to track costs – especially labour costs – to here at the office being able to track POs, to the management being able to look at the overall picture for jobs.​

Derek Byrne

Financial Controller, Apollo Group​

Before we had LiveCosts, our biggest problem was the accuracy on the margins of jobs. LiveCosts has saved us at least 6 days a month, and probably more.​

Trish Coleman​

Office Manager, IFES Electrical Services​

Popular Features

Feature 1 | Project Dashboards for Construction

See key cost data about your projects, automatically, in live reports on a custom dashboard. Learn more about LiveCosts construction project dashboard.

Feature 2 | Construction Budgeting Software

Automate your purchase order accounting process. LiveCosts creates a simple construction purchase order system that is tailored to the unique requirements of a construction company or contractor. Learn more about LiveCosts construction budgeting software.

Feature 3 | Procurement Software for Construction

Work smarter, not harder, with the LiveCosts Request for Quotation feature. Issue requests for quotes to multiple suppliers and once, compare prices line by line all with fewer clicks and manual data entry. Learn more about LiveCosts procurement software for construction.

Feature 4 | Construction Time Tracking Software

Time is money. LiveCosts records time from the jobsite and assigns it directly to a project budget ensuring you have full sight of a project’s true costs in real time and how it is performing against its original budget. Learn more about LiveCosts construction time tracking software.

Feature 5 | Construction Material Tracking Software

LiveCosts delivery feature captures the delivery receipt from the field and applies it to the correct Purchase Order in a simple workflow. Learn more about LiveCosts construction material tracking software.

Feature 6 | Construction Invoice Software

LiveCosts electronic construction invoice software will allow you to become paperless overnight.

Feature 7 | Construction Price Catalogue Software

LiveCosts provides a digital construction price catalogue that stores your most frequently ordered materials and their various prices over time. Learn more about LiveCosts construction price catalogue software.

Feature 8 | Accounting Software Integrations

LiveCosts seamlessly connects your project data to accounts in real time. Learn more about LiveCosts construction accounting software integrations.

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What is Sage?

Sage Accounting is a market-leading, cloud-based financial and accounting management software designed primarily for small to medium-sized businesses.

Sage offers solutions for different accounting tasks including invoicing, payroll, and financial reporting, enabling businesses to manage their finances efficiently.

How Does Real-Time Data Access In Sage Benefit Businesses?

By allowing users to access their accounting data in real-time, Sage ensures that businesses and SMEs can make quick, informed data-driven decisions based on up-to date financial information. 

Can Sage Accounting Integrate With Other Applications?

Yes, Sage Accounting integrates with a whole host of third-party applications, making it flexible for a wide range of business needs and broadening its appeal among businesses.

How Does Sage Simplify Financial Management Processes?

Sage allows businesses to automate essential accounting tasks such as bank reconciliation and reporting. This helps to simplify, what can often be complex and time-consuming tasks,  and accounting processes and free up time and resources within the company.