Lunch With LiveCosts | December 2022 Edition

📺 📻 New Podcast Episode: Modular Construction with Gerry McCaughey, CEO of Offsite Tek

A legend in the modular construction industry, Gerry McCaughey shares with LiveCosts his highly-informed insights into:

➡️ Why the labour shortage is about to become a labour crisis

➡️ Modular construction vs. Traditional: how much cheaper is modular?

➡️ How could modular housing solve the housing crisis?

Watch the full episode here:

🎥 Catch the Replay: Introducing LiveCosts Procure

We’re changing the game for Procurement Departments. LiveCosts Procure is an amazing new technology that can save your business dozens of hours a week.

Our webinar on LiveCosts Procure was so popular that we’re sharing the Replay for anyone who needs a more efficient procurement process.

Here’s what we cover in the video:

  • RFQ | Automatically pull and analyse data from your supply chain.
  • PO | Flip winning quotations directly to the purchase order.
  • Delivery | Track and attach POD against PO from your Job Site
  • Invoice | Reduce Accounts Payable time by 80% by automated 3-way matching
  • Accounts Sync | Connect smart procurement to your main accounts / ERP


Sound useful? Catch the full video here 👇

New Blog Post: How Fit-Out Contractors Can Use Technology To Boost Their Business

As a Fit-Out Contractor, wouldn’t it be easier if you were able to automate repeatable actions and orders?

This month, our in-house Construction Cost Experts explain:

  • How To Add Efficiency To Your Material Orders With An Online Catalogue
  • Best Software To Track Construction Deliveries
  • Which Smartphone App Tracks Construction Labour Costs
  • How To Use Technology To Prevent Fraud On Construction Projects
  • How To Track Invoices And Purchase Orders Using Construction Software on your Fit-Out Project

Get all these game-changing tips here:

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