Lunch With LiveCosts | January 2023 Edition

🗓️ 💪 Be prepared for 2023 with deep insights from 7 leading construction industry experts!

The Time & Materials Podcast looks back at some of the best advice from 2022 that forecasts what construction companies need to know in 2023.

🚚 🖥️ Blog Post: The Benefits Of Tracking Construction Deliveries Digitally

Your construction project will need a lot of materials, from different suppliers, at different prices, all arriving at different times – and what arrives at the site might still not be what you ordered.


But if software can bring huge efficiencies to every other part of construction, why not also delivery tracking?

With the right software tools, you can easily monitor and track the delivery of materials to the site to ensure that your construction project runs smoothly.

In this blog post, we’ll highlight the main benefits of digitally tracking construction material deliveries to your construction sites, and how it can help you stay on top of your construction projects.

Sound useful? Access the full post here 👇

🏗️ 👨‍💻 👩‍💻 Podcast: How to start a Tech Business in Construction

On our first away day, The Time & Materials Podcast is joined by Sarah Crawley and John Ryan of SymTerra, an integrated communication app built for site teams.

Construction has been slow to adopt technology when compared to other industries. But those who have been on site will always remember someone saying “there must be an easier way to do that.”

But where would you start if you did have an idea to improve construction?

  • How does someone who only knows #construction build #technology ?
  • What money, time is involved?
  • Is it worth the risk ?

To answer this and more, the Time & Materials Podcast recently took to London to sit down with the great Sarah Crawley and John Ryan to discuss this and more.

📊 📈 Blog Post: How Construction Companies Can Use Data Analytics To Drive Growth

Every day, a construction company has to make a decision: how do I get the most out of this construction project?

You may not realise it, but as a construction company you’re probably sitting on a gold mine of practical insights about your business.

But we’re all human. That’s why construction companies around the world are embracing alternative ways of looking at their project’s success that we as humans can’t see, but construction data analytics software might catch.

Sound useful? Access the full post here 👇

🎤 Podcast: Adopting Modular Construction At Scale

As the Founder and CEO of Modulize, Lucas Carstens knows more than most about the potential of modern methods of construction.

In this episode of The Time & Materials Podcast, Lucas explains:

  • How collaboration, open standards, and data sharing could boost productivity in the construction industry
  • Why off-site construction hasn’t been adopted at scale, and how it could be
  • What the construction industry can learn from other industries

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