How to set and manage team permissions on your projects



So, a common question we are asked by customers is how do I set permission sets that make sense to roles in my company?

So for example, I don’t want a certain individual to be able to see income on my project, or I don’t want to share certain material costs or supply of data with a particular employee, or maybe I just want this employee or this external consultant that we’re using to just see data on one project and not all projects. So various different scenarios that will come up where we want to control what people can see and do. Very easy to manage. All we do is come into a settings area, come into our permission sets area, and we decide if we want to do this by individual or whether we want to do it by role. Essentially, what it allows us to do is open up all the permission sets, give the permission set a name, which could be related to every role that comes in past this point.

We have our web app, we have a mobile app, and we have project permissions. So, we can get right down into the granular detail. And then it’s about us deciding what they want to be able to see and do. On off buttons will allow me to customize the experience for each individual or role, set that permission set, and now we are in full control over what people can see and do.

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