Paul Sheridan of CIF

Season 2, EP 7: Paul Sheridan

Irish Construction Industry’s Biggest Challenges

Show Notes

As the Director of Main Contracting with CIF, Paul Sheridan has some great insights into the Irish construction industry’s biggest challenges.

In this episode, Paul shares the benefits of CIF and what he thinks the future holds for the construction industry in Ireland, including:

  • How do we attract more talent into Irish construction?
  • How do we solve the industry’s reluctance to embrace tech?
  • What the next 18 months look like…

The CIF is the Irish construction industry’s representative body. It provides a broad range of services that assist members in navigating the political, business, economic and regulatory environment.

These services cross the full business spectrum and include Recruitment and Training, Legal and Industrial Relations Consultation and Advice, Health & Safety, Marketing and Industrial intelligence Reports Engagement with Government, Statutory and other industry bodies, and regular updates on all issues affecting the construction industry.

Connect with CIF here.

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