A Fresh New Look To Match Our Vision

LiveCosts is committed to ensuring that every customer and user has a great experience while using the LiveCosts platform. That’s why we are dedicated to finding ways to continually improve the experience for our users with every release and update. If you have been using the LiveCosts platform over the last number of weeks you […]

Why Do Construction Materials Costs Keep Going Up?

It seems like materials costs are going up every single day. Across Europe, materials costs have reached a 40-year high – with many contractors not able to purchase some materials at all. During Covid, many supply companies didn’t just slow down – they went bust, and new ones that are planned to open will only […]

Simple Scan In LiveCosts

LiveCosts simple scan

Invoice processing is a pain and more so for contractors with the level of invoices they receive on a monthly basis. Manually keying in invoice information is pretty time consuming when you also consider matching the invoice to an order, matching to a delivery and checking prices. LiveCosts solves this pain with invoice automation. Introducing […]