5 Benefits of Digital Time Tracking In Construction

Digital time tracking

Traditionally, the tracking of employee hours would have been done on a piece of paper, but times have changed and companies are evolving to use smarter more efficient ways to track employee hours.

Seeing a full breakdown of your employee’s hours which is project specific can be incredibly beneficial for a construction company.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using a digital time tracking system for construction companies.

How can digital time tracking benefit your business? Let’s find out.


Time Saving

The most notable benefit of digitising time tracking is simply how much time it saves.

Using paper timesheets means data has to be inputted manually into a spreadsheet which is time consuming and open to error, and then putting that information into an accounting package, it’s an unnecessarily time consuming process.

If handwriting is not understood, it means the business has to get in contact with that employee and figure out what was put down. Once again, time consuming.

More Accurate Quotes

Digital time tracking allows businesses to give more accurate quotes on their jobs. Customers will be given a better idea of how much a particular job will cost.

It also allows businesses to accurately plan how much a project will cost, by comparing it to similar ones which have been calculated accurately.

Accurate Tracking of Contractors

If contractors are employed, it’s important to keep track of their hours and workload to ensure your budget is not being exceeded. Contractors should use the same time tracking software as staff. Being able to keep an accurate record of hours that have been worked ensures money is only being spend on labour for work that has actually been completed.

Another benefit is that it allows for the performance of different contractors to be tracked, meaning the best contractors for the job can be hired.

Better Management of Overtime

Another benefit of a digital time tracking system is how it can seamlessly manage overtime. Projects often require overtime in order to be completed on schedule. The costs associated with overtime can rise rapidly and can consume large amounts of a project’s budget if not managed.

These costs can be monitored correctly if a project manager decides to use a time tracking software.
Budget notifications can be set to ensure overtime does not exceed a particular limit. If it is expected that a large amount of overtime is needed, a business may choose to hire more employees to complete the project.

Accurate Project Profitability

Understanding when it is necessary for rates to be raised is important. Looking at data collected on a time tracking software should allow companies to make an informed decision on this. Looking at the time spent on tasks, the charge-out rates for staff, and the overall profit on a job, should quickly give an indication on whether current pricing is accurate.

If there are some irregularities and projects aren’t as profitable as imagined, it might be time to increase rates.

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