Pricing Catalogue

Build your own unique catalogue of your most used items. Re-use the catalogue information in Purchase Orders and check incoming invoice line items for a price match.

hero image of livecosts construction accounting software pricing catalogue feature
feature image of how livecost construction accounting software works in office and field

From the Office & Field

Access your catalogue items on-site or in the office and easily add items to Purchase Orders.

Auto Populate Line Items

Add new catalogue items directly from incoming invoices or bulk upload files from your suppliers.

example image of how livecosts construction accounting software auto-populates line-items
example image of how livecosts construction accounting software uses line item recognition

Line Item Recognition

Auto check incoming invoices line items against your catalogue price. Easily spot price increases in this simple workflow.

Project Specific Pricing

Add project specific prices to your catalogue items when you receive a quote for a bulk order. Outgoing P/O’s and incoming invoices will be checked against the project specific price.


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