Suppliers Tracking

Our supply chain is crucial to the sucess and profitability of our projects. The volume and speed in which we order materials needs automation, workflows and processes wherever possible. LiveCosts puts a safety net under all material purchases.

We scan every product code so you don't have to.

When we purchase we generally purchase quick in order to keep our projects moving. Thats ok in terms of the project plan but what does that do to our budgets. Due to resources businesses will monitor spend by spot checking invoices. LiveCosts smart scanning technology will monitor all your costs and notify you where you are being overcharged.

  • Invoice Automation

    When an invoice lands into our business we have a manual labour cost attached to process that invoice. Scanning and attaching invoices to a workflow removes the manual effort and results in instant savings for our business.

  • Price Monitoring

    We all wished construction material costs where fixed and transparent. Unfortunately that is not the case. Through invoice scanning LiveCosts will monitor every product you buy and show you its live price increase / decrease.

  • Purchase Orders

    The foundation of any cost tracking process starts at the purchase order. Connect your purchase order to a single workflow that aligns order, budget, delivery and invoice all in one place.

  • Delivery Approval

    Poor communication between your office and site will cost you money. When orders are made we must connect your delivery confirmation and any related issues to that order to ensure you are paying for what you received.

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We need to know where we stand on our projects at all times, Excel is too labour intensive and open to mistakes. LiveCosts plugs directly into our accounts package and has made a huge difference to our business.

Aidan O’Connor - Business Owner
Cascade Construction

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