Linking Your Site Team’s Project Costs to Sage 50


When it comes to linking your site team into your project costs and Sage 50, the first thing we must understand is that Sage 50 was not designed to manage project costs.

Yes, we can set up departments, yes, we can start to look at ledgers, but the reality is the system is just not designed to manage construction project costs.

If you want to link your projects team into that, we need to understand that we’re going to have people in the company that are committing to costs that are maybe not necessarily the roles that we want to have connected into Sage 50.

That’s going to create duplication of work and it’s also going to create a disconnection across the company. What we need to do is set up the projects team that we can all have access to see what each other is doing on a day-to-day basis, but make sure that it’s fully connected to Sage 50. What we need to do is separate the project from Sage 50.

To do that, we’ll set up a project’s dashboard and we’ll start to set and understand exactly what’s happening from site on a day-to-day basis without having to give the site team access to Sage 50.

We’ll be able to track day-to-day running costs, day-to-day commitments of costs, reality against budget, who’s committing to what, where the status is against each order or delivery of materials, and then scan and extract all that information into a system so we don’t have to recreate the work by creating every single transaction in Sage.

We can essentially connect what’s happening onto the project to Sage 50 so that the whole company is connected in a way that makes sense to those particular roles.

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