Why Do Construction Materials Costs Keep Going Up?

It seems like materials costs are going up every single day. Across Europe, materials costs have reached a 40-year high – with many contractors not able to purchase some materials at all. During Covid, many supply companies didn’t just slow down – they went bust, and new ones that are planned to open will only […]

Inflation – What Does That Mean To A General Building Contractor?

When you ask a Building contractor what is keeping them awake at night, the reason they will give you is almost always the rise in Inflation for Construction Costs and when it will end. They have good reason to feel anxious. The Construction Leadership Council’s Product Availability Statement in May reported that “price inflation remains […]

Accounts Payable Doesn’t Belong On Spreadsheets

Accounts Payable Doesn't Belong On Spreadsheets

Accounts payable in construction refers to the money due to suppliers and subcontractors. It includes all types of costs, such as overhead, direct and indirect. The accounts payable function is processing, verifying, reconciling and paying invoices in an appropriate amount if time. In construction the role can be extended to matching invoices to Purchase Orders […]