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M Squared Used LiveCosts to:

  • Save 70-80% of their time
  • Eliminate human error
  • Streamline their inventory processes
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How M Squared uses LiveCosts to save up to 80% of their time:

My name is Sara McEwan. I work for M Squared Scotland in the Accounts Department.

M Squared are a commerical landscaping contractor who work throughout the UK. We focus on student accommodations, hotels, and groundworks all the way through to self-landscaping.

Probably one of the main features for LiveCosts is it has streamlined our processes quite a lot, especially relating to our Purchase Orders.

We used to do this quite manually on Excel spreadsheets, so we’ve definitely got better control over that. And obviously the integration with our accounting software as well is a big benefit.

How did you do Purchase Orders before LiveCosts?

It was a very manual system. It was all on Excel spreadsheets, which is very open to human error. And there was a lot of upkeep with it as well.

LiveCosts has automated that a lot. We can find things straightaway, everything around a supplier is all in the same place.

Have you saved time since implementing LiveCosts?

The fact that the site Foreman can do it on the app has saved us a lot of time, I’d say in the 70-80% mark. Because, as it can be done at the site level, not having to bring it back into the office to do it retrospectively, it has saved a lot of time, especially in that respect.