Understanding Modular Construction (MMC)

Are you curious about Modular Construction, but not sure where to start?

We’ve put together a new (free!) guide, “Understanding Modular Construction (MMC)”, to give you genuine practical insights into modern methods of construction.

What’s Inside | Preview

Chapter 1 | What's Happening In Modular Construction?

Is now the right time for your construction company to consider a big switch to offsite construction? This chapter explores the current market – and market opportunities – open to traditional construction companies considering going modular.

Chapter 2 | Modular Construction Market Dynamics

This chapter explores the current market dynamics around modular construction. What regions to consider, regulatory frameworks to be aware of, and how the modular construction supply chain is currently functioning.

Chapter 3 | Interview: Gerry McCaughey, CEO of Offsite Tek

Nicknamed "Mr. Offsite" in the US, Gerry McCaughey, is a visionary in the construction industry for modern methods of construction. Gerry explains the huge efficiencies open to construction companies who embrace modular construction.

Chapter 4 | Interview: Lucas Carstens, CEO of Modulize

As the Founder and CEO of Modulize, Lucas Carstens knows more than most about the potential of modern methods of construction. Lucas explains how using data can dramatically improve the efficient delivery of modular construction projects.

Chapter 5 | Interview: Gaynor Tennant, Offsite Alliance

As the Co-Founder and Chair of The Offsite Alliance, and non-executive director of Modularize, Gaynor Tennant understands the huge upsides of modular construction better than almost anyone in the industry.

Chapter 6 | Summary & Key Takeaways

The big question: Should your construction company embrace modular construction? This chapter codifies the benefits and lists the restraints so you can make an informed decision about the future of your company.

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