Construction project management software is great to manage the project's status but often misses the mark around the key numbers you need to make these projects a success. Excel or an accounting software was the answer, but now there's an easier way.

LiveCosts is the modern day cost tracking solution.
LiveCosts connects your forecasts to your site in real time giving you complete control and sight of every project cost as it happens. We mange this through four key pillars.

Projects Dashboard

Could you drive your vehicle without your dashboard? Not possible, yet business owners and project managers are willing to take unnecessary risks on their jobs.
Main benefits
  • Project Financial Control
  • Budget Notifications
  • Live Phase Reports
  • Connect Office & Field
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Suppliers Tracking

Our supply chain is crucial to the sucess and profitability of our projects. The volume and speed in which we order materials needs automation, workflows and processes wherever possible. LiveCosts puts a safety net under all material purchases.
Main benefits
  • Invoice Automation
  • Price Monitoring
  • Purchase Orders
  • Delivery Approval
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Pricing Catalogue

Have you ever gone looking for a price on a previous invoice? LiveCosts collects all of this data as it arrives so it is easily accessible when you need it.
Main benefits
  • Suppliers Price Comparison
  • Auto Populated Categories
  • Unique Tagging System
  • Access Suppliers Files
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Site App

We must know what's happening on site as it's happening. LiveCosts provides key field personnel with an app that collects and feeds live data connecting office & field in real time.
Main benefits
  • Time Tracking
  • Log Deliveries
  • Order Materials
  • Assign Costs To Projects
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