LiveCosts.com is the construction industry's first artificial intelligence platform that automates and displays the key numbers on your projects.

Gain full control over all the costs in your business.
Time is money. Just one oversight on a project can have a significant negative effect on your profits. LiveCosts.com manage and track the following key areas of your business.

Projects Dashboard

Could you drive your vehicle without your dashboard ? Not possible, yet business owners and project managers are willing to take unnecessary risks on their jobs.
Main benefits
  • Project Financial Control
  • Budget Notifications
  • Live Phase Reports
  • Connect Office & Field
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Suppliers Tracking

Do you know you have paid the right price on your material everytime? Do you know which supplier offers the best rates on specific products ? Now you take comfort in knowing you have control.
Main benefits
  • Invoice Automation
  • Price Monitoring
  • Order Tracking
  • Delivery Approval
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Pricing Catalogue

Have you ever gone looking for prices on previously purchased products or services? Would you like to view all your transaction details on these products & services side by side ? Now it’s easy.
Main benefits
  • Suppliers Price Comparison
  • Auto Populated Categories
  • Unique Tagging System
  • Access Suppliers Files
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Site App

Do you know how much money your employees are making or losing you each day ? Are your employees taking as much care as you in dealing with the delivery of material?
Main benefits
  • Time Tracking
  • Log Deliveries
  • Order Materials
  • Assign Costs To Projects
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