7 Tips To Manage Cashflow In Construction

Episode 1 – Paddy Gahan


7 Tips To Manage Cashflow In Construction



How can I better manage cashflow in construction? What can I do different in my business?

In this weeks episode of the LiveCosts Construction Experience, we have Paddy Gahan in studio, who shares his top 7 tips to help construction companies better manage their cashflow.

Paddy helps construction companies increase profits, save tax and accelerate their cash flow.

Tip 1) Agree terms & dates in writing.

Tip 2) Get a payment upfront.

Tip 3) Invoice immediately. (Read more about invoicing here)

Tip 4) A tip for Xero users – statements.

Tip 5) Another tip for Xero users – add on.

Tip 6) Maximise your supplier credit.

Tip 7) Weekly updated cashflows.


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