How to avoid late subcontractor invoices

How to avoid late subcontractor invoices: a question that we get hit with clients, customers a lot of time and a bugbear of ours when we had our own company as well was that late invoice coming in and disrupting cash flow.

Why you shouldn’t use PO Books on site

So, PO books on site are a bad idea. Why? Because we don’t have a connection point between where the costs are being committed to on the project linked up to any thinking around where the costs are being tracked. 

Reporting Profitability per Project

A common question for us from customers and clients would be how to achieve profitability per project or how to get a real-time view of our profitability per project. This comes down to having simple access to the data that you need when you need it and that comes down to the project structure. Once […]

How To Track Plant Costs Against Projects

What we need to do is set up a simple database where we can actually see these listed out in terms of its ownership type or the cost that it requires to the project or to the company.