Tracking Material Orders Made From Site


If you have a problem tracking material orders made from site, it’s most likely because you don’t have an efficient system or method to track that data from its source back to a given system or dashboard.

Most likely you’re using an outdated purchasing system, or we might be in a place where we’re still using manual, paper-based PO books or some other method, like a WhatsApp message, to collect that information.

What you need to do is we need to set up a communication that’s going to collect that data for us in real time. So if we set up a dedicated purchasing app that’s connected back to a project, it means that we can allow people in the field to make those purchases. We can basically digitise what they’re doing manually today.

That will then connect us straight back to a dashboard. And in that dashboard, we’re going to feed the information back, so we’ll we get an understanding of exactly what’s been spent, when it’s being spent.

It’ll also give us a dashboard and reports in real time so we can clearly see: who’s going into trade counters? Are they being managed straight off the phone? Are they being done from site? And connecting those committed costs straight to that project as they happen from site.

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