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Episode 29 – Joe Kelly


US Podcast Meets Irish Podcast To Talk All Things Construction



Joe Kelly is an Independent Consultant at Mass Construction Consultants, Inc, Joe is also a  podcaster and host of the Mass Construction Show. In his day to day Joe is an educator and code consultant for construction and real estate companies. Joe also enjoys assisting firms with marketing and branding of their businesses.


Podcast Highlights


I’ve too much work on, I don’t need LinkedIn. Really?


Well, I don’t need more business. I have too much business. And I’ll usually ask them, I’ll say, “Well, what are your problems?” They say, “Well, I can’t find good people.” And then I’ll say, “Okay, well, if I want to go work there, probably the first thing I’m going to do… Or if I’m looking for a job and you reach out to me, the first thing I’m going to do is go look at your website and your social media and say, what’s it like to work there?” Because I know if I go to some other builders, they are Type A, they’re doing the Tough Mudders, and… You can really get a sense. And that’s part of this-


It’s brand and culture, isn’t it? You have an opportunity to just show people who you are, what you stand for. You can display your values. I’ve this conversation so many times with companies saying, “We’re having a look at what you do marketing-wise, but that would never work for me because I normally don’t do tech. And I can’t create content the way you create content because I wouldn’t know what to talk about.” And I’m saying, “What the hell are you talking about? Document what you’re doing on the site. That’s what people will want to see. Document who’s on the site, the kind of work you’re doing, types of materials you’re using…” It’s easy. That’s actually easier than what we’ve got to deal with.

Yeah, I’m with you there. You might not need to generate leads and have all that type of stuff going on with your marketing, but branding and culture matters. And I think it matters even more in this generation than it ever did.


So much more. And you hit the nail on the head. I bet you, if you and I sat in a room, we could whip off 500 things for content. It’s as simple as, “Wow, there’s this new anchor bolt that I’d never seen on a project before.” Why can’t you take a picture of that anchor bolt and say, “Hey, look at how they design this thing, blah, blah, blah.” And now you have hundreds of people that are interested in anchor bolts, which would be someone that might want to work with you or work for you, following you and saying, “Wow, look at what they’re doing.”


I’ve got to send them back to your Essential Craftsmen on YouTube, and you say he’s got 5k followers, something like that, and what sort of content he’s putting out, probably documenting different types of work.


Absolutely. That’s what he’s doing. And the fact that he’s a 60 something year old YouTuber-


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